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Boeheim’s Army 106 - GaelNation 100: Orange win in double OT

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Cooney face.

Trevor Cooney

After securing a win over Dubois Dream in the first round, the cohort of former Syracuse Orange basketball players took the floor against GaelNation in the round of 32 in TBT. Boeheim’s Army took a huge lead, but the Iona alumni fought back to take the game into overtime. It took two extra periods, but Boeheim’s Army survived 106-100.

Boeheim’s Army got off to a quick start thanks to the shooting touch of Donte Greene, who officially made his 2017 TBT debut. Unlike yesterday, the team came out playing 2-3 zone and would stay in the zone for the entirety of the first half. The Army was in control for much of the first period and took a 51-36 lead into the break.

The army continued to build its lead in the second half but the Iona alumni wouldn’t go down without a fight. GaelNation was able to cut a 22-point lead down to tie the game behind hot perimeter shooting and stellar defense. Baskets from Eric Devendorf and Greene helped keep the Army afloat, but GaelNation eventually took a three point lead.

Late in the game John Gillon made two clutch free throws and a three-point play to knot the game at 82. Who else?

After a raucous dunk by GaelNation, Green sank two to tie the game again. Both teams would miss on the ensuing possessions and Devendorf would haul in a monster rebound with seven seconds left and secured a timeout. Gillon would eventually drive and get blocked, sending the game into overtime.

Iona drew first blood in extra time with a deep three as the shot clock expired, but Donte answered with a triple of his own to tie the game again. CJ Fair then made two free throws after getting fouled and followed it up with a lob on the break to Donte, giving the army a four point cushion. Iona once again tied the game late and the game would eventually go into double overtime.

In the second overtime period Devendorf scored to tie after GaelNation took a two point lead and Gillon hit two free throws to give the Army a two point lead. Iona scored again and Rick Jackson captured another two point lead for Syracuse. The Army got a stop under 30 seconds to go and Devendorf made two free throws to boost the lead to four with 24.7 seconds remaining. After another stop, Greene was fouled and made two free throws, all but securing the victory.