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Orange Madness should match Syracuse basketball vs. Boeheim’s Army

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There’s one answer at this point.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Every year, the Syracuse Orange try to reinvent the wheel for Midnight Orange Madness. The annual event to kick off the basketball season has long toyed with random ideas getting fans excited about the upcoming campaign, to varying degrees of success.

Dunk contests, Jadakiss, Tone Loc, Snookie from Jersey Shore and even Jim Boeheim in a tank have been rolled out to spice up what’s been a puzzling hit-and-miss of events for Central New York’s favorite team. This year, however, there should be no doubts on how to excite the masses.

Hey, this guy Sean may be onto something!

Given how much passion Boeheim’s Army has been able to generate these past three summers, it seems like a no-brainer to invite the squad back to campus this October to face off with the 2017-18 team. Previous iterations of Orange Madness have struggled to strike the right balance between scrimmage, celebration and practice session. Even getting a bit more creative with the women’s basketball team last year didn’t rile up the crowd the way everyone really deserved.

So why not bring Boeheim’s Army back for the hero’s welcome and entertainment spectacle that Orange Madness needs?

Or bring in Insane Clown Posse and Creed instead. Yeah, I guess that works too.