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Tim Lester turning Western Michigan into second home for Syracuse football

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The former Orange offensive coordinator has filled out his staff with a lot of familiar faces.

NCAA Football: Western Michigan at Northern Illinois Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Since former Syracuse Orange offensive coordinator Tim Lester took the head coaching job with his alma mater, the Western Michigan Broncos, he’s been filling out his staff accordingly. As you may have guessed, it’ll include several familiar faces for SU fans.

Former SU center Jason Emerich was the latest addition over the weekend (he’ll serve as an offensive quality control assistant), but there’s plenty more, too. Tim Daoust will be the Broncos’ defensive coordinator, Jake Moreland is the co-offensive coordinator/offensive line coach and Drew Robinson is the new director of football operations.

Lester also put out an offer to disqualified Orange defensive tackle Steven Clark last week.

So while it’s not the entire “band” getting back together from Scott Shafer’s old days, there is likely to be a distinct Syracuse flavor to WMU now under Lester. While Moreland’s impact on the day-to-day gameplan may have been minimal at Syracuse (he was coaching tight ends), Daoust was a bit part of what SU did on defense throughout his time there.

The hiring style here is not uncommon among coaches, though it may evoke some thoughts on how Shafer filled out his own staff with former pals. Some of those coaches were minimally experienced at the FBS level when Shafer hired them, though most of them remain there now.

As a reminder, Syracuse and Western Michigan play one another in both 2018 and 2019. By that point, half the roster will be turned over from when Lester & Co. were at SU, but there will certainly still be some familiarity with the personnel.