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Friday Conversation: Syracuse Orange Uniforms

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What might it look like if the Orange adopted the new NBA uniform model?

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NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Syracuse
Should the Orange sport this look more often?
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

This week the NBA and Nike announced a new uniform model for the league. Pointless #brand jargon aside, the key takeaway is that home teams now have a choice of four uniforms to wear each game.

If you’re wondering why the Syracuse Orange would need to change at all, well the four uniform model would allow for more options for home fans to see in Dome. We’ll use the NBA editions as a guide, and discuss what could Syracuse basketball do with them.

The Association Edition

This is the name attached to the current home uniform. Unlike the current football jerseys, most Orange fans seem to have little to no issue with the hoops look. Maybe you can replace “Orange” on the front of the jersey with “Syracuse”, but can you think of anything else you’d do to this?

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Syracuse
The current Orange look is pretty solid
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

The Icon Edition

What we know as the road uniform might actually make more sense to wear in the Dome. Most Syracuse basketball fans are donning Orange, the team is called the Orange, so maybe the team should go old-school NHL and wear this for home games.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Georgia Tech
Should Syracuse make this the home hoops uniform?
Jason Getz-USA TODAY Sports

Inspired by the Athlete’s Mindset

Look, we all know that Nike goes to great lengths to provide complicated backstories to things like fonts and striping, but we can cut right through the BS here and say for this category, there is one true choice- script Syracuse. Personally, I’d go with the Orange version of the script, but just don’t pair it with blue shorts.

Script Syracuse= Totally awesome.
Mismatched Uniforms= Worst Idea Ever

Inspired by the Community

Here’s where we can go a number of ways. You could push for the 2003 version of the Cuse uniform. You might want to go back to the Louie and Bouie look. Or Syracuse could continue the University’s relationshp with the Haudenosaunee Confederacy community by donning the Nike N7 uniform and partnering with them during Native American Heritage Month.

I’m sure you’ve got some ideas on this topic, so let’s hear them.