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The Basketball Tournament GameThread: Boeheim’s Army vs. Team Fancy RYU

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Boeheim’s Army rolls on.

Syracuse v Marquette Photo by Rob Carr/Getty Images

Boeheim’s Army has arrived in The Basketball Tournament’s Super 16! The team of Syracuse Orange alums will take on Team Fancy RYU tonight at 7 p.m. ET from Brooklyn, N.Y. Should they pull off a victory, Boeheim’s Army will be bound for the Northeast Regional Championships on July 23.

For those that aren’t in attendance, you can catch all of the action on ESPN2, or on for the cord-cutters among us.

Last week, Andy previewed tonight’s matchup, as well as the other two potential opponents in the Northeast bracket come next round. He also power ranked the remaining teams in the field, and even spoke to TBT broadcaster Eric Duick about Boeheim’s Army and their potential to advance.

I also looked at the 10 most-hated players remaining in the field, some of whom will be knocked out between tonight and tomorrow.

Tonight’s event kicks off around 7, following the early game between FCM Untouchables and Team FOE. Come hang out with us while we watch, and G’ORANGEBOEHEIM’S ARMY!