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What type of eating contest should ACC media days feature?

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Let’s help the ACC have some more fun with this thing.

Annual Coney Island Hot Dog Eating Contest Held On July 4th Photo by Alex Wroblewski/Getty Images

The Big East football conference was flawed for a multitude of reasons. But one of the only reasons it wasn’t was the annual lobster-eating challenge staged at the league’s preseason media days.

Around these parts, we covered the proceedings as closely as the games themselves (those GERG years were dark after all...). And if there’s one thing I’m envious of the American Athletic Conference for, it’s the continuation of that event despite zero sensible ties to it anymore.

While we do love the ACC (especially the money part), its stodgier nature at times does get the best of it. They’ll try to have “fun” at the ACC Football Kickoff event (going on now). But there’s something missing. Something around engorging yourself with food...

So if the ACC were to reverse course on its more formal approach and embrace something like an eating contest, what foods could be considered? We took from some regional favorites around the conference to come up with the potential contenders:

Annual 'Wing Bowl' Honors Super Bowl Gluttony Photo by William Thomas Cain/Getty Images


They’re pretty universal, though obviously some areas do them better than others. We’d have to see what sort of energy kids could come in with the devour those, however. Syracuse Orange commit Tyrone Sampson seemed to indicate there’s a lesser ability than we’d assume to plow through wings as many of us once did. Still, this is the easiest and most sensible option, probably.

Salt Potatoes

Think you’re tough? Try housing as many salt potatoes as you can in a 10-minute or so stretch. Have a feeling this one could really separate the elite eaters (typically linemen) from the guys who can just eat a lot of smaller things quickly (everyone else).


The ACC always has the event down in Charlotte, so that likely means Carolina barbecue, something I’m firmly against. That said, perhaps the vinegar-based product would thin the herd a bit.


This could involve any number of items on the menu, but let’s go with the biscuits, since that’s the food everyone wants. Supplying a plate full of those and a gallon of sweet tea could have some players pretty wired (or exhausted) after the competition. Best reserve this one for the Friday night you’re departing.

Mellow Mushroom

Those suggestive ads during football games should be put to use, no? Even if the only acceptable pizza style is found in downstate New York and parts of Northern New Jersey (don’t @ me), this would at least be a favorable kickback to an ACC sponsor.

Sydneysiders Flock To Fishmarkets At Christmas Time Photo by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images


The ACC already stole half of the Big East’s teams. And its logo. So why not kidnap this tradition as well? Sure it only makes sense for Boston College. But look at the AAC right now. Who does the lobster eating contest really make any sense for there? UConn, maybe? Tulane? Just steal what works.

How about you? Which food eating contest should the ACC endorse at next year’s event? Share your own thoughts below.