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Syracuse commit Tyrone Sampson talks eating contests, camp invites

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The four-star center chatted with Stephen Bailey about The Opening Finals.

After wrapping up his strong performance at The Opening Finals in Oregon, four-star Syracuse Orange commit Tyrone Sampson sat down with’s Stephen Bailey to chat about the event.

The article features some great insights on the experience, but since we try to keep things light, we’re going to hone in on two things (however, read the rest of Bailey’s excellent piece for full info):

“... But he'll also remember the time spent bonding off the field with guys like Dedich, and the Buffalo Wild Wings wing-eating contest that pitted the offensive linemen against the defensive linemen -- Sampson said he finished 14 in the two-minute contest, but only six were cleaned off well enough to count.”

First off, it’s unfortunate that a pursuit as noble as a wing-eating contest be sullied by B-Dubz (whose wings are not good, despite it being in their name). And while it’s no lobster-eating contest, this is the type of event the ACC needs to have at this week’s media days.

Second, I am 100-percent positive I would’ve beaten the mark Sampson posted there. Not just in my college, scarfing terrible food heyday. But right at this very moment. Perhaps the aversion to plowing through bad eating decisions is why Dino Babers (and his war on soda) likes Sampson so much.

Beyond the wing-eating contest, Sampson also talked about recent offers to camp from Louisville and Kentucky, which he’s leaning toward turning down. He did camp at Michigan prior to The Opening.

While Sampson is solid on Syracuse and has been leading the way trying to draw big names to this class, you do worry about the Michigan note. When he committed, we mentioned that interest from Michigan, Notre Dame and Michigan State could be worrisome down the road.

But for now, let’s focus on the positive instead. He said he’s been blowing off interest from UL and UK, which could potentially lead to some excellent jokes about Rick Pitino. Granted, that’s basketball, but it’s still relevant to our sorta-rivalry with the Cards.

Go read Bailey’s piece for far more hard-hitting journalism than the above.