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What do fellow ACC members think of Syracuse after four years?

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We’ve had some time to adjust. Have others adjusted to us?

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

As Thursday’s ACC Football Kickoff begins, it also marks the Syracuse Orange’s fifth time attending the annual event. In that time, we’ve gotten pretty comfortable around here. Has the ACC gotten comfortable having US around here, however?

We requested some help from our conference-mates at the start of this week, just to get a gauge of how they feel about Syracuse in the ACC — over the last four years, and maybe how we’ll fare over the upcoming years. Rather than ask some of our fellow newcomers (Louisville, Notre Dame, Pittsburgh), we kept the ask to the incumbent 12 members. Specifically, those that manage the blogs that represent those schools here on SB Nation.

For those that responded to us (I guess the rest’s opinion of us is pure hatred?): what do they think of the Orange four years into the ACC?

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Wake Forest Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

Riley Johnston, Blogger So Dear

As a lifelong Wake Forest fan/graduate, when I saw Syracuse was joining the conference I was excited about having another outstanding basketball team join the ACC. Beyond knowing about Jim Boeheim, as well as a few other basketball players (Anthony, Warrick, McNamara), I didn't know much about the school, or any of its other sports at all. Due to the journalism school and the litany of journalism jobs down in NC, there have been a lot of ‘Cuse fans at Wake football and basketball games over the past few years. Overall I think the Orange have fit in quite well with the ACC, and it has been a symbiotic relationship for both sides. I look forward to getting up to the Carrier Dome to take in a basketball and football game in the near future!

J.D. King, Duke Basketball Report

I think Syracuse has been a better fit than I thought it would be. It’s a pretty obvious fit in a marketing sense; a big school in a big state with tons of fans, yada yada yada.

But it’s developed quick rivalries with Duke and North Carolina, and that’s a plus. And the fans are as intense as anywhere else in the conference. And Jim Boeheim is willing to be a lightning rod, which is good. The ACC, at times, can be too corporate. Personalities fuel things in this conference, and always have. We (DBR) are a basketball-first site, and football hasn’t been as successful obviously.

But all in all it’s been a positive. Now if we could just get Boeheim to appreciate the cuisine down here. That may take longer...

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images

Caroline Darney, Streaking the Lawn

Yikes, has it really been four years that the ACC has (been stuck with) had Syracuse in the league? Man, time flies. In all honesty, the addition of Syracuse to the ACC has probably been my favorite addition as I'm always for having a good lacrosse/basketball and bad football program around. I feel an instant connection to a school that ALSO refuses to schedule non-conference football teams that are within their same skill range.

What fun is it to play someone you can beat when you can get your ass handed to you on your home field by USC or LSU? Plus, your NCAA scandals are way less tawdry than Louisville's, so thank you for that. There seems to be a rivalry forming that spans more than a few sports (what up, soccer and field hockey), and what feels like (hopefully) good-natured ribbing between the two fanbases.

Also, I hate you all and will never forgive you for what you did in Chicago. NEVER. Y'all are buttheads.

NCAA Football: Florida State at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Bud Elliott, Tomahawk Nation

I think Syracuse is a fine addition to the league. They are good in hoops, and bad, but not Rutgers bad in football. The Dino Babers hire helps in a way that the Scott Shafer hire didn't, in that Syracuse is at least exciting to watch now. When Syracuse is the best of the Syracuse/Boston College/Wake Forest trio, it should go to a bowl. The only truly dislikable thing that Syracuse is doing is scheduling unwinnable games like LSU. That nonsense only hurts the league when ESPN flashes the ACC's record against the SEC on screen. But in fairness, Virginia has been in the league forever and is still pulling that move.


So what do you think of the ACC after four years? Share your own opinions/#jokesandgarbage below.