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Uniform numbers unveiled for new Syracuse football roster additions

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The new guys get added (officially) to the Orange roster.

North Carolina State v Syracuse

The Syracuse Orange have started assigning uniform numbers for the program’s incoming players for 2017. So for those wondering what Tommy DeVito and others will be donning this season, you now have your answer.

Syracuse tweeted out some photos of a few of the new numbers, but we run down a whole list below based on the roster update which is available today.

  • No. 12, WR Russell Thompson-Bishop
  • No. 13, QB Tommy DeVito
  • No. 21, CB Jordan Martin
  • No. 22, RB Markenzy Pierre
  • No. 32, RB Allen Strizinger
  • No. 33, LB Kadeem Trotter
  • No. 34, CB Eric Coley
  • No. 36, FB Chris Elmore
  • No. 42, LB Tyrell Richards
  • No. 43, S Ifeatu Melifonwu
  • No. 51, DL Shaquille Grosvenor
  • No. 54, DL Curtis Harper
  • No. 57, OL Dakota Davis
  • No. 57, DL Kingsley Jonathan
  • No. 81, WR Cameron Jordan
  • No. 82, WR Nykeim Johnson
  • No. 87, WR Sharod Johnson
  • No. 89, TE Aaron Hackett
  • No. 91, DL Zach Morton
  • No. 93, DL Josh Allen
  • No. 97, DL Brandon Berry

A couple additional side notes: No walk-ons for 2017 yet, so those players will be added later on (unless they arrived in spring like Jesse Conners did). Devin M. Butler also changed his number for 7 (which it was during spring) to 10. Ravian Pierce adjusted his from No. 14 to No. 6.’s Stephen Bailey recognized that JUCO safety Mykelti Williams is not on the roster yet.

Also worth noting that defensive end Jaquwan Nelson is no longer listed on the official roster, though Devon Clarke still is. Clarke and Nelson were both arrested earlier in the year for their role in a robbery.

Welcome (officially) to the new guys. Time to start getting acquainted with the new numbers we’ll be seeing on the field and sidelines this fall.