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Reddit CFB fan bases do not love Syracuse football

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Blame some unsurprising fan bases (and some surprising ones too)

NCAA Football: Virginia Tech at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Here in the height of the offseason, Reddit CFB (r/CFB) asked its members to rank its favorite and least favorite ACC programs. The results were not kind to our Syracuse Orange, which came in 12th out of a possible 14th (obviously) -- and 13th by way of the polls adjusted rankings averaging voting power across all fan bases.

You should certainly head to r/CFB for the full breakdown of results, but the key things to know about SU and the conference as a whole:

  • Syracuse’s average rank was 8.49 (12th)
  • Adjusted average (weighing all school voting evenly) was 8.51 -- 13th
  • Louisville ranked SU most favorably of all ACC schools, which is sort of surprising
  • Wake Forest ranked Syracuse least favorably of all -- which probably makes sense given our odd history in the small series of games the schools have played one another
  • No fan base ranked the Orange as its favorite ACC school
  • Meanwhile, five fan bases voted SU as its least favorite

That last bit provides some additional entertainment value, so I’ll rank the votes from least to most surprising:

Syracuse v Rutgers Photo by Rich Schultz /Getty Images

1. Rutgers -- both fan bases have a sizeable bit of dislike for one another. SUNJ’s hate for Syracuse comes from us dragging its proper acronym out into the daylight. If you tweeted SUNJ anytime from 2011-15, some random Scarlet Knights troll definitely came after you about it. Just one, however. No more than that.

2. California -- this isn’t about basketball, so it’s just misplaced anger. Because as we all know CAL. COULD. GET. RIGHT. BACK. IN. THIS.

3. Texas -- the contingent of redditors that aren’t over the Cotton Bowl and the 1959 national title must be large.

4. Texas A&M -- that pesky Battle 4 Atlantis title that Orange basketball took two years ago will never make up for the 2006 NCAA Tournament upset, apparently?

5. Oklahoma — the Sooners are 4-0 against Syracuse in football, and they defeated a very fun 2008-09 Orange basketball team in the Sweet 16. You have no qualms with us.

By whatever logic they used, at least we’re not sitting at the bottom like Miami or Duke depending on which r/CFB measure use.

But how would you rank the ACC, clearly starting with Syracuse and ending with either Boston College or Clemson, clearly? Share your own thoughts below.