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TNIAAM designs t-shirts for this year’s Syracuse football ‘Orange Out’

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(and so can you!)

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Last year, the Syracuse Orange rolled out the idea of a fan-designed t-shirt for the annual-ish “Orange Out” game. We came up with our own jokes-and-garbage design ideas, but the actual winning shirt ended up turning out pretty well. Unfortunately, the game -- vs. Louisville -- did not. But these things happen.

This season, SU will once hold an “Orange Out.” This time, it’s against the Pittsburgh Panthers. That’s also the weekend of Orange Central/Homecoming. Seems like a lot of things going on at once?

In any case, if you’d like to participate, you can get all of the details and the design template here. The deadline for submissions is July 15 -- so you have a reasonable amount of time to get your best design ready to go.

Or if you’re us, you can come up with a bunch of snarky internet-focused shirts instead. If anyone would like to submit better versions of these on behalf of TNIAAM, consider this signed permission to do so. Our shirts, for your consideration:

Because why would you call “Homecoming” what it is?


(except for that one time when we set a single-game points record, which was sorta fun despite losing)

The one that’s directed at Scott Shafer, but a month late

For a refresher, Shafer once referred to former offensive coordinator Tim Lester as a “method cat.” This would evolve into the perfect description of whatever Syracuse’s offense was or wasn’t for the next year. (if anyone can find the old image we created, feel free to drop it into the comments)

Looking to the future, while honoring the past.

This merges one-time call-to-arms “the hay is never in the barn” with the new name of the fitness center, as detailed in the updated campus framework doc.

The one several of you would buy.

Celebrating Syracuse getting out ahead of scheduling.


The team name you wish we had.

The shirt for the greatest team of all.

Want any of these designs to become a reality? Have your own ideas? Use the template to create your best work, and we’ll share some in another article this week. Or, if you’d rather save your Photoshop expertise for the actual competition, that’s cool too.