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Tyler Lydon moves up to 13th overall pick in latest CBS mock draft

Lydon continue to move up and down draft boards prior to the actual NBA Draft.

NCAA Basketball: Georgia Tech at Syracuse
Tyler Lydon is bouncing around draft boards. Get it? Bouncing.
Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Tyler Lydon is going to be a professional basketball player next year. He can’t return to the Syracuse Orange or any other program, so all that we know is that he’ll play somewhere. As is the grand tradition of “well we’ve got nothing else to do,” people are trying to predict where he’ll play his professional basketball.

In Howard Mengal’s latest mock draft on CBS Sports, Tyler Lydon is projected as the 13th overall pick to a familiar landing spot for Syracuse basketball: the Denver Nuggets.

Do we take this seriously? Maybe? Garry Parrish has Lydon sitting at 23 to the Raptors, but Lydon has been all over draft boards. On April 5, he dropped out of the first round. When he signed with Priority Sports, he was projected as a late first round pick. It’s almost as if lanky athletic young men are difficult to accurately forecast! Who knew?

Regardless, it sounds like we’ll be hearing Lydon’s named on draft day, which is always a good thing for the perception of the program. Where do you think he’ll land? Let us know in the comments.