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Syracuse Lacrosse: Greensboro is still mad at Jim Boeheim

SU is tentatively scheduled to host it in 2020. There is a lot that could happen between now and then, but it’s clear that we will have to wait at least three years because of Jim Boeheim’s comments about Greensboro.

Florida State v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

So earlier today, I posted a blog that the Syracuse Orange are tentatively scheduled to host the 2020 ACC Tournament. The move was confirmed by through Donald Moore, the ACC’s Director of Championships. Of course that is several years away and could conflict with the Dome renovations. Additionally, Donald Moore said that the Conference wanted to give the Championship to the original ACC lacrosse schools first, because it’s the ACC. Ultimately we will have to wait three years until the ACCT comes to SU, if the school is even able to host it at that point and assuming that campus site attendance in the next three years isn’t so bad (like it was at UNC last weekend) that the ACC decides to bail on campus sites and go back to Philadelphia or maybe to the DC area. Quite frankly, I could absolutely see the Conference deciding to play at a neutral site and delay Syracuse’s date with the Tournament. You would think the ACC might reward the programs that pull in the most fans, but nah, we’re on Greensboro time y’all.

But... Donald Moore.

That sounds familiar to me.

Think back Jim, thank back…. Ah, yes. Maybe you recall a little spat Jimmy Boeheim got into with the small Carolina city when he said, in regards to the ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament moving back to Greensboro, NC: “There’s no value in playing Greensboro.”

While Boeheim’s comments, in my opinion, were dead on, they caused a bit of a stir down on ol Tobacco Road. The Greensboro Grasshoppers who are the local Class A affiliate of the Miami Marlins grabbed at the opportunity, as minor league teams are known to do, and held a Jim Boehiem (No) Value Night. The club offered a free ticket and a $20 voucher for drinks and food to anyone presenting a valid Syracuse, NY ID. Oh! And you also were offered a meet and greet…with a bat dog…whatever that means.

And who you may ask announced this fantastic deal? Why none other than Grasshoppers President and Team Manager Donald Moore.

Now, of course these are not the same people, but according to the bio of Donald Moore who works for the Grasshoppers, he has a son also named Donald Moore. According to the ACC Donald Moore’s Linkedin page, he was at one time a part-time groundskeeper for the Grasshoppers.

So it all comes full circle. The Donalds are anti-Syracuse. Fact.

The city of Greensboro is obviously still licking its wounds from Boeheim’s comments. The ACC is the most powerful entity in the city followed closely, I imagine, by the Greensboro Grasshoppers, titans of minor league ball. Clearly the Donalds are wielding their extensive influence to inflict as much pain on Syracuse as possible.

Once the Donalds have you in their crosshairs, watch your back.

...All jokes of course.