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John Swofford reaffirms ACC Network launch in Summer 2019

Hey, that sounds fine to us.

NCAA Basketball: ACC Operation Basketball Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Since last week’s ESPN layoffs, we’ve asked some questions about the ACC Network’s scheduled launch date in 2019. First, we wondered if it could even happen as planned. Then, John Wildhack tried to calm us all down. And finally, we wondered if Twitter was a viable carrier for said network.

Wherever the ACC Network ends up being broadcast, it appears that it’s DEFINITELY LAUNCHING, according to an internal memo from ACC commissioner John Swofford on Wednesday.

The full text (minus the inconsequential conclusion):

“As you may have seen, some of the so-called “experts” on social media, in light of ESPN’s recently announced layoffs, have questioned whether the ACC’s linear network will launch.

I write to let you know that I have had multiple conversations with John Skipper, as recently as this morning, and have total confirmation from him that the ESPN/ACC linear network launch is full speed ahead and unaffected by the aforementioned events at ESPN.”

As a “so-called expert” on social media and elsewhere, I think this does sound rather defensive on Swofford’s part. But if Swofford and ESPN are in lockstep about the linear network, then we’ll have to believe his words here.

Granted, what neither the ACC nor ESPN has any control over is whether or not linear cable packages are even an option anymore by 2019. But... I digress.

Believe Swofford and Wildhack and ESPN? Or think “so-called experts” like myself and others could be onto something with alternative theories about how this ACC Network comes to be? Share your own theories below.