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Syracuse vs. LSU, NC State tickets now available for pre-sale

Headed to Baton Rouge or Raleigh this fall? You can buy your game tickets now.

NCAA Football: McNeese State at Louisiana State Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange football has several big road trips this season, including the much-anticipated trip down to LSU (for the tailgating and atmosphere, not the potentially lopsided matchup).

Despite the season being many months away, the Syracuse Box Office has made pre-sale tickets available for our matchup with the LSU Tigers on September 23, as well as the Orange’s game at the NC State Wolfpack on September 30.

You can grab those tickets here, with password SYRACUSEFAN17.

For the LSU game, tickets will cost $65 apiece. And while they’re unassigned when you order them, they’ll likely be in sections 402-404, and/or 640-642, per the Tigers’ ticket office. That’s the South End Zone area, for those curious.

NC State tickets will be $45 apiece (feel like that’s actually cheaper than they were in 2015), with those seats likely to be in one of the upper corner sections near the end zone -- pretty sure that’s sections 9, 15. 25 or 31.

A little more certainty, obviously, with the NC State tickets right now than with the LSU ones. I (John) wouldn’t tell you to avoid the LSU ticket for the time being, BUT... think I’m going to take my chances with the individual ticket sale/StubHub for a better view.

When we get closer to the game, we’ll probably organize something here (and NOLACuse, we’ll be utilizing your Louisiana expertise, just as we did your knowledge of Houston last year). Syracusefan will have a pretty big Orange-centric tailgate at the stadium. Or you could roll up to some pleasant Tiger fans’ tailgate with a 30-rack for the genuine-article Death Valley experience. Whichever you’d prefer.