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Syracuse Athletics ‘No Huddle Tour’ returns on June 1

Want to meet members of SUA? It’s a whole lot easier this summer.

NCAA Football: Notre Dame vs Syracuse Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Last summer, the Syracuse Orange athletic department “No Huddle Tour” idea was born. Originally, Mark Coyle, Dino Babers and Jim Boeheim would go to a few New York State outposts, answer some questions and drum up interest in donations/season tickets.

However, after Coyle left for the “special place” of Minnesota, the tour took on a slightly different feel. It was fine. Jim Boeheim was Jim Boeheim. Dino Babers was Dino Babers. Everyone got through it, and then John Wildhack was hired.

Per an announcement on Wednesday, it appears the “No Huddle Tour” will be back for 2017 now — starting on the very soon date of June 1.

For those in the greater Central/Western New York region, Babers, Wildhack and Quentin Hillsman will be at the Rochester Alumni Club Annual Awards Dinner at 6 p.m. that evening. From there, SUA heads to Taste of Syracuse for a couple days, before moving south for SU Day at Citi Field in Queens, N.Y. for the Mets game. Otto will be in attendance there.

The other two big tentpole events of the tour include Wildhack and Boeheim’s stop at Wolf’s 1-11 Restaurant in Albany on June 29, and the Orange-themed August 17 Syracuse Chiefs baseball game against the Durham Bulls.

Along with those dates, there are a boatload of other stops at various, smaller events throughout the region. The “No Huddle Tour” will also be found in Utica, Binghamton, Rochestser (a couple times), Auburn, Oswego and Alexandria Bay. However, no Buffalo?

If you live in one of these areas, it could present a cool opportunity to see/hear some cool things about SU. Check the release for full details and schedule, and we’ll be sure to write up any interesting quotes that inevitably arise from the tour.