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Syracuse lands five players on Athlon All-ACC football team

Not a bad parade of honors for the Orange.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon has been releasing a lot of their season preview info online before the magazines hit shelves. This week, we already saw that Eric Dungey will be on the cover of the Syracuse Orange version of the publication as well.

But what does Athlon think of the rest of SU’s players?

Ends up a few more of them are thought of pretty highly, according to Wednesday’s release of the All-ACC team.

Athlon goes four teams deep on the list, and ends up featuring six different Orange players. That collection includes:

  • Eric Dungey (third-team QB)
  • Steve Ishmael (fourth-team WR)
  • Ervin Philips (third-team WR)
  • Zaire Franklin (third-team LB)
  • Sterling Hofrichter (first-team P)

It’s tough to find any MAJOR complaints here. Maybe you move Ishmael and Philips up a team each, respectively. And perhaps Parris Bennett also gets a nod at linebacker. But beyond that... maybe Antwan Cordy gets a nod too?

Sterling Hofrichter ascending to the conference’s top punter spot already is near-record time for Syracuse, which has a habit of turning out great talents at that spot. Just two years ago, we had the ACC’s best punter (and human, Riley Dixon). And yet, here we are again.

Syracuse’s five selections ranked respectably compared to the rest of the conference (all things considered). Clemson and Virginia Tech tied for the lead, with 12 selections apiece, while FSU and Pitt both had 10. Duke and Miami both had nine players picked and Louisville was next with eight. NC State, North Carolina and Wake Forest had six each. Syracuse was tied with Georgia Tech at five. Then Boston College and Virginia brought up the rear with four each.

Buy the team selections here? Think any other Orange players should be a bit higher? Share your own thoughts below.