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Syracuse campus framework update provides little on Carrier Dome renovations

Separate teams mean zero updates.

Dome Rendering

Syracuse University released a large update to the campus framework on Monday. But unfortunately for our purposes of covering Syracuse Orange athletics here, there wasn’t much to say about the Carrier Dome renovation.

Or the “Carrier” Dome at all, to be honest. There wasn’t one mention of the structure’s long-time sponsor in the document’s 180 pages. We’ve wondered for awhile if SU can get out of the naming rights deal, and one of the passive-aggressive ways they’ve tried to do it is by removing Carrier’s name from all documents.

But back to the framework updates, the document did mention WHY there wasn’t much to say:

“Because a separate team was charged with modelling possibilities for possible Dome renovations, the Campus Framework does not address the Dome project, except as it related to the larger plan.”

So that makes sense. And it briefly touched on the renovation’s biggest tasks (which we knew already). Those, in case you need a refresher, include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance and replacing the roof. It’s only referred to as a “new roof system” here, which should be slightly disconcerting. The ADA updates at the Dome also correspond with the campus-wide accessibility updates that should take place between 2017 and 2037 -- the year this is all supposed to be done.

Just in time for the final game in the current Notre Dame series?! YEAH!

There was a bit of progress mentioned on the building typically tied to the Dome, however: Archbold Gymnasium.

The “reimagined” building will become the Barnes Center at the Arch (THE HAY IS NEVER IN THE BARNES).

From the framework doc:

“Substantial renovations to Archbold Gymnasium will include a new state-of-the-art student-focused health, wellness, and recreation complex. With the University’s commitment to nourish students beyond the academic realm, the Barnes Center at The Arch will serve to better coordinate all student services, both organizationally and physically, and assure full accessibility. The project will advance a seamless and robust approach to the learning, advising, counseling, engagement, and development of the whole student.”

That’s a boatload of marketing buzzwords to say that it won’t just be a gym. Some of those “other” things include a multiactivity court, locker rooms, fitness center, rock wall (now we’re talking!) and health and wellness center (replacing the old one over by Marshall Street, one would assume).

I didn’t see inflatable jumpies on that list, but for all we know, this thing’s 20 years out. So... that dream lives until we see it dead on the sidewalk.

If you want to see a 1970s-looking rendering of that whole thing, here you go.

Among the other big items on this 20-year plan: Integrating the city and south campus areas with main campus, creating a more cohesive and helpful relationship with the city of Syracuse and the Onondaga Nation, and of course, more building and expansion. That last bit will be done with a bit more respect to the existing communities, according to the document.

The Einhorn Family Walk is featured prominently, and is already in full effect (got to see it for myself this March and I liked the vibe it crated). Waverly Avenue will also be better integrated into main campus (instead of its slightly-disjointed current setup).

Bird Library, the National Veterans Resource Complex and Schine Student Center will also get facelifts, along with the entire campus transportation system.

But yeah, totally check out the full document, and just CTRL + F for Dome and/or Arch things, if that’s what you’d prefer. It’s all quite a bit to dig through, but an exciting look at what campus could look like a couple decades from now.