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Boeheim’s Army returns to The Basketball Tournament for 2017

In case you were worried, the SU alumni team returns for year three.

The Basketball Tournament Logo

Everyone’s favorite summer basketball event returns this summer, and so does Boeheims’ Army. The team of Syracuse Orange alums will return to The Basketball Tournament this summer with the hopes of winning it all and taking home the $2 million grand prize.

Boeheim’s Army already has over 50 fans. Teams need at least 100 fans and seven players by June 1 to qualify. While Boeheim’s Army may have gotten a later start this year, that hasn’t stopped them from picking up some quick momentum.

The 2017 team will feature Eric Devendorf, C.J. Fair, Rick Jackson, Scoop Jardine and Brandon Tiche to start. They’ll need two more additions before June 1 to be eligible, but that doesn’t necessarily seem like a problem if you look at previous years’ participation. The team should also be a fun one for recent alums, in particular, who were on campus for part or all of their careers.

SU has yet to win TBT, so perhaps this is the year they break through.

Excited? Cool, now go voice your support for the team, so they can qualify.