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In 41 years, Jim Boeheim has seen some stuff, man

Did you know that Jim Boeheim has been head coach a long time? Like a really long time?

NCAA Basketball: Notre Dame at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Jim Boeheim was hired as the Syracuse Orange head basketball coach 41 years and one day ago.

Yeah, that’s quite a long time. But it’s pretty cool! We love Jimmy B and love that Syracuse, N.Y. is a spot on the map in the sports world largely because of what he’s done for the program.

But man, Jim Boeheim and seen some stuff as head coach. Like, look at all of said stuff:

  • He’s seen the price for a gallon of gas rise 415%
  • He’s seen 27 countries achieve recognized sovereignty
  • He’s seen every Star Wars movie... in theaters
  • He’s seen 20 different schools win an NCAA Men’s Basketball Championship (including Syracuse!)
  • He’s worn one kick ass cowboy hat.
  • He’s worked with seven different football head coaches
  • He’s coached through 9 of the 10 snowiest Syracuse winters
  • He’s seen a conference his program helped form basically fall apart
  • He’s seen a father and son each coach at the same school.
  • He’s thrown at least 1 chair, hit at least one mic and thrown at least one jacket.
  • He’s won ten effing games 41 times*
  • He’s seen Georgetown lose 420 games.

So congrats, Coach. Looking forward to the next however many years you’ve got left. If anything, we know they won’t be boring.