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Syracuse basketball gets 100-to-1 odds to win 2018 national championship

Vegas didn’t waste much time taking a look ahead to 2017-18.

Syracuse v Virginia Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now that the 2016-17 college basketball season’s officially in the books (congrats, North Carolina), it’s time to look ahead to next year.

Thankfully, Las Vegas helps us do that by providing 2018 national championship odds already. Whether you’re planning on gambling, or just want a very early look at where outsiders see Syracuse Orange basketball, these should satiate you for the time being.

SU opens with 100-to-1 odds to win it all. At one point late in the 2016-17 season, they were getting 50-to-1 odds or better. The departures of Tyler Lydon, John Gillon and Andrew White all play a factor here, shaking sports books’ confidence in the Orange’s chances a bit (and as a result, getting us sorta nervous as well).

Some other teams you may care about include Duke (10:1), North Carolina (12:1), Virginia (30:1), Notre Dame (80:1), UConn (100:1) and Georgetown (200:1). Along with those typical ACC squads (and some other, Big East hanger-ons), Florida State(40:1), Miami (50:1) and Virginia Tech (100:1) also get reasonable odds. Clemson and Wake Forest also get 300:1 odds.

What do you think of Syracuse’s odds? Are you betting your life savings? Or holding off until the Orange look deceptively hot to start the year?