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TNIAAM 2017 NFL Draft Open Thread, Start Time & Live-Streaming Info

Let’s watch a bunch of guys pick a bunch of other guys for teams.

2012 NFL Draft - First Round Photo by Chris Chambers/Getty Images

The 2017 NFL Draft starts in Philadelphia tonight at 8 p.m. ET on ESPN and the NFL Network. You can also live-stream the proceedings on WatchESPN and Watch NFL Network.

While no Syracuse Orange player is projected to go in the first round, we’ve likely all become accustomed to the hoopla and circus atmosphere that comes with day (night) one at this point. Also, many of us are also NFL fans, which is sure to create some dividing lines among our ranks where we’re normally united. That could be disastrous, or (hopefully) a bit fun.

(insert my typical Cowboys/Patriots/Eagles/Washington/49ers slander here)

If you’re looking for draft profiles, we have four on the players who would seem most likely to either get selected (Amba) or get invited to camp post-draft.

Amba won’t go tonight, but start watching out for him on Friday, for the second and third rounds, in the off chance he’s chosen there. In reality, we’re looking at day three for him. Where he’s picked is dependent on how many wide receivers are already off the board by that point.

The first round draft order — before any trades that may happen tonight — is below. Oh, and a mock draft from SB Nation, too. Let’s hang out, watch some young men get handed jerseys and witness what’s basically a glorified game of chance.

1. Cleveland Browns

2. San Francisco 49ers

3. Chicago Bears

4. Jacksonville Jaguars

5. Tennessee Titans (via Rams)

6. New York Jets

7. Los Angeles Chargers

8. Carolina Panthers

9. Cincinnati Bengals

10. Buffalo Bills

11. New Orleans Saints

12. Cleveland Browns (via Eagles)

13. Arizona Cardinals

14. Philadelphia Eagles (via Vikings)

15. Indianapolis Colts

16. Baltimore Ravens

17. Washington

18. Tennessee Titans

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers

20. Denver Broncos

21. Detroit Lions

22. Miami Dolphins

23. New York Giants

24. Oakland Raiders

25. Houston Texans

26. Seattle Seahawks

27. Kansas City Chiefs

28. Dallas Cowboys

29. Green Bay Packers

30. Pittsburgh Steelers

31. Atlanta Falcons

32. New Orleans Saints (via Patriots)