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Jim Boeheim wants you to be a sports broadcaster

Who needs Newhouse anyway?

Holy Cross v Syracuse Photo by Rich Barnes/Getty Images

If I were to tell you that James Arthur Boeheim was serving as an advisor on a new live streaming platform, would you believe me? Because that’s just what he’s doing.

Per the site Jim is an advisor on the new technology that essentially allows you at home to be Marv Albert, Mike Tirico, Sean McDonough, et al. Jim will be in good company alongside former NBA comissioner David Stern and Redskins tight end Vernon Davis who are also in advisor roles.

Essentially, the platform is similar to Facebook Live, but allows users to give their own game call. The user casts a live video to a selected audience and gives the play-by-play or color commentary. The platform offers studio quality graphics and real time scoreboards. Although live game streams won’t be immediately available, it will try to differentiate itself through speed with only a two-second latency. So if your friend is streaming live, you’ll catch his or her call with a two-second delay.

This is an extremely innovative idea that might have some staying power. You have to wonder if this will devalue the field of broadcasting to an extent, although the top dogs/talent will always have their day.

Personally, I could see this developing into a sort of a video chat room where friends and communities could gather to share the experience a game. How cool would it be to virtual chat with your friends across multiple cities during Syracuse games?

What do you guys think? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.