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Syracuse sets Orange and White Team rosters for Saturday’s spring game

One way or another, Syracuse is winning this game.

NCAA Football: Syracuse at Boston College Winslow Townson-USA TODAY Sports

You’re already familiar with the fact that the Syracuse Orange spring football game is tomorrow. Well, now you know the team rosters too.

Syracuse released the separate Orange and White team rosters today, which are largely split down the line between the depth chart’s first and second teams. Still, here’s what we’re looking at:

(*indicates on both teams)

Team Orange

QB: Eric Dungey

RB: Dontae Strickland, Moe Neal*

WR: Steve Ishmael, Ervin Philips, Sean Riley, Jamal Custis*, Devin C. Butler*

TE: Ravian Pierce

OL: Jamar McGloster, Aaron Roberts, Aaron Servais, Evan Adams, Cody Conway, Sam Heckel

DL: Chris Slayton, McKinley Williams, Kendall Coleman, Josh Black, Jake Pickard*

LB: Zaire Franklin, Parris Bennett, Jonathan Thomas, Andrew Armstrong*

DB: Antwan Cordy, Scoop Bradshaw, Chris Fredrick, Evan Foster, Rodney Williams*

K: Cole Murphy

P: Sterling Hofrichter

LS: Matt Keller

Team White

QB: Zack Mahoney, Rex Culpepper, Mo Hasan

RB: Tyrone Perkins, Otto Zaccardo, Moe Neal*

WR: Clay Austin, Adly Enoicy, K.K. Hahn, Tyler Gilfus, Ben Brickman, Sean Avant, Devin C. Butler*, Jamal Custis*

TE: Jesse Conners, Joe Pasquale

OL: Liam O’Sullivan, Patrick Davis, Sam Heckel*, Colin Byrne, Michael Clark, Sam Clausman, Keaton Darney, AJ Duerig

DL: Kayton Samuels, Kenneth Ruff, Zack Lesko, Tim Walton, Jake Pickard*

LB: Andrew Armstrong*, Ryan Guthrie, Shy Cullen, Nadarius Fagan, Adam Dulka, Troy Henderson

DB: Rodney Williams*, Cordell Hudson, Carl Jones, Kyle Strickland, Anthony Lombardi, Sean Onwualu, Devin M. Butler, Kielan Whitner

K: Alex Grossman, Emerson Womble

P: Nolan Cooney

LS: Nathan Hines


Obviously Team Orange has a bit of an advantage going into this one. But perhaps Team White surprises?

The spring game kicks off at 10 a.m. ET on Saturday. You can stream live on ACC Network Extra if you won’t be attending the festivities.