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Otto-man Empire grows in latest Syracuse alumni geographical survey

Which states have been annexed? Which are on their way to being added?

The Syracuse University Office of Alumni Engagement released the latest stats around where former students reside, and... things probably shouldn’t surprise you too much here.

New York’s stronghold as the capital of the Otto-man Empire continues, as the Empire State holds down nearly 37 percent of all SU alums. Surprising for the rest of you, perhaps, is that California is second overall in terms of total alums. So much for me being a #disloyalidiot. I’m surrounded by more Orange fans than many of you, it would appear.

The full graph, shaded by just HOW Orange each state is, greets you below.

Takeaways that might interest me, and only a select few others in our corner of the internet:

  • 27 “states” have 1,000 alums or more, and 18 are above 2,000
  • Just five have more than 10,000: New York, California, New Jersey, Massachusetts and Florida (so, where every kid you knew in undergrad was from)
  • The U.S. Virgin Islands, South Dakota and North Dakota are the only “states” without at least 100 alums
  • 12 “states” have less alums now than they did back in 2015 (the last time SU shared this data)
  • North Dakota dropped the most by percentage (-5.56 percent), but Missouri dropped by the most in terms of raw numbers (minus-25)
  • Conversely, South Dakota grew by the most (8.47 percent), but New York had the biggest increase over two years with 632 -- also, we added way more than 632 grads to New York state since 2015
  • Four of the top six are in ACC territory (California and New Jersey are only ones outside of the footprint); see? We should’ve been in this league all along.
  • Washington state actually went up after Sean left, so I guess his vote counts the same as the rest of ours after all (for those wondering)

Nothing more to see here beyond a fun offseason-ish exercise looking at where alums live. Put into some valuable practice, however, perhaps we see the athletic department start investing in more road games for teams in those states. Alumni programs already sort of run this way as it is.

But what about all of you? Where do you fall on this very Orange map? Are you in an Otto-man Empire stronghold? Or a weaker border state of the vast expanse? Let’s chat geography below.