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Friday Conversation: How far should athletic rivalries go?

Is there a limit to how far “off the field” your allegiance (and hatred) can run?

NCAA Basketball: Georgetown at Syracuse Mark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday’s news that Syracuse Orange basketball great Louis Orr would be joining Patrick Ewing’s staff at Georgetown was jarring for SU fans — but especially older ones who specifically remember watching the “Louie and Bouie Show” in Jim Boeheim’s early seasons as coach.

Once I got past the shock of a Syracuse player willingly electing to get their paychecks signed by the Hoyas, I started to wonder, though: Would I do it?

Honestly, I think the answer is no. Now, there is a certain amount of money for which I (or most) would say yes to just about any job. Maybe it’s $1 million. Perhaps some need $5 million or more. So with those pie-in-the-sky salaries aside, I think if you told me I could make $50K more working for Georgetown, I’d still potentially turn it down.

But how far is “too far” for an on-the-field rivalry to stretch off-the-field?

I instinctively say “fuck the Hoyas” out loud whenever I see something remotely related to Georgetown while in public. More than once, I’ve had the legitimate urge to rear-end a car with a Georgetown license plate holder (seriously).

As I mentioned on last week’s podcast, I cackled maniacally at a gym in Santa Monica while watching the Hoyas lose to Florida Gulf Coast in 2013. I probably have a greater recollection for that game than I do Syracuse’s win over Marquette in the Elite 8, to be honest. I doubt I’m the only Syracuse fan that feels that way.

So my question for you -- of whom, many have been Orange(men) fans even longer than me -- how far is too far for this rivalry? Does it affect your everyday attitudes and beliefs? Do you instinctively hate anything related to Georgetown? Have you ever followed through with the instinct to ram a Hoya-supporting vehicle?

And the follow-up to that: Is this behavior okay? Or, despite engaging in it, do you find it problematic as well?

Share your thoughts below.