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Former Syracuse star Louis Orr joins Georgetown basketball staff


NCAA Basketball: Creighton at Georgetown Geoff Burke-USA TODAY Sports

If you’re among the Syracuse Orange’s top 25 sports greats, I’m pretty sure you’re contractually obligated to never do business with the Georgetown Hoyas. Unfortunately, no one informed Louis Orr of this stipulation...

Orr, one half of the “Louie and Bouie Show” from 1976-80, is among the top 25 scorers of all-time at Syracuse, is 11th in rebounds and 34th in assists. His presence (along with Roosevelt Bouie’s) was a large part of what established Jim Boeheim as a head coach at SU, and positioned the program well at the start of the Big East Conference.

It’s not Orr’s first run at coaching, or even his first time with a former Syracuse conference foe, either. Orr served on the Providence staff from 1994-96. He’s also been a head coach -- at Siena (2000-01), Seton Hall (2001-06) and Bowling Green (2007-14) — in the past.

As part of Patrick Ewing’s staff at Georgetown, though, he’ll not only be pushing the pro-Hoyas narrative, but an anti-Syracuse one in certain recruiting battles. Obviously, it will be at least a little uncomfortable to see Orr, a key figure in Orange basketball history, standing on the Georgetown sidelines (with Ewing, of all people) as well.

So is Orr a #disloyalidiot? Or just a coach getting a new job? I’m tempted to give him the benefit of the doubt and his history with the Orange supersedes his current position at Georgetown.

So perhaps he’s a sleeper agent? That’s probably the best tact; destroying the Hoya menace from within. Let’s go with that.