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In preparation for Syracuse visit, LSU may add beer garden at Tiger Stadium

Everyone’s finally wising up to how much money booze makes?

NCAA Football: Texas A&M at Louisiana State Crystal LoGiudice-USA TODAY Sports

At one point in time, Syracuse Orange sporting events selling beer was an anomaly — a practice not necessarily endorsed by many of college sports’ governing bodies, and only replicated by a handful of other programs.

But it would seem that the allure of beer-related revenues are starting to win over athletic administrators everywhere. The latest to potentially jump aboard the booze-at-games train? The LSU Tigers, who host SU in 2017.

From Business Report:

Limited beer sales in Tiger Stadium could become a reality by the start of the fall football season. LSU officials confirm that plans for a beer garden in the stadium are firming up, though the deal hasn’t been finalized yet.

“We are aggressively working to have it in place in the fall,” says LSU Spokesman Ernie Ballard. “But we are still working through everything to make it happen.”

The hoops they’ll need to jump through are numerous, but having a dedicated beer garden area seems to help them skirt around the issues a bit more. LSU already served alcohol in suites. The SEC has a ban on selling alcohol at the stadium -- but suites (and potentially, a beer garden) would be considered separate structures.

As you’ll recall, the ACC had (has?) a ban on alcohol sales as well, but that changed when Syracuse arrived. Even Wake Forest sells beer now.

In general, schools around the country have looked to introduce beer sales as a way to increase revenues and also (potentially) control alcohol intake by fans. If you tell folks they can’t drink at the game, many times, they’ll just imbibe heavily beforehand.

For LSU, this is part responsibility-driven, part revenue and of course, part catering to Syracuse fans, who will be looking to invade the Baton Rouge, La. area this fall when the Tigers host the Orange. They obviously heard I was coming, and wanted to make sure I enjoyed my time at Tiger Stadium — something that could be considerably tougher to do without a decent selection of beer on-hand.

Best of luck in your beer-related endeavors, LSU. Unless you’re only serving Bud Light, then please, don’t do this.