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What happened on Tuesday and where does that leave Tyler Lydon?

Here’s the story from Tuesday’s wild day.

NCAA Basketball: Montana State at Syracuse
Syracuse Orange forward Tyler Lydon (20) drives to the basket past Montana State Bobcats forward Sarp Gobeloglu (13) during the second half at the Carrier Dome. Syracuse won 82-60.
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Early Tuesday morning, News Channel 9 in Syracuse reported that Priority Sports had signed Tyler Lydon, which ended his college basketball career.

Upon hearing the news, I reached out to Priority Sports to confirm the news — and the agency did just that.

Just a few hours later, the narrative had changed.

In an afternoon conversation with a representative from Priority Sports, I was told the agency did not represent Tyler Lydon and could not comment any further on the matter.

After hearing that, I tweeted out this....

....which stirred some conversation on Twitter.

This is my understanding of what happened:

The news was leaked to Channel 9 News, or a representative said it with the belief that Lydon would be signing on Tuesday. That apparently never happened, and once the agency realized Lydon wouldn’t be signing on Tuesday, they had to address the report.

I may be wrong, but that’s what I’ve gathered from it.

Again, News Channel 9 isn’t alone — the agency confirmed it to TNIAAM on Tuesday morning, too.

Maybe having the news leak spooked Lydon and he had cold feet — I don’t know, but he didn’t end up signing on Tuesday.

So what happens next?

He may sign on Wednesday, he may go unrepresented to the workouts and he may come back to SU for his junior year. Only time will tell.

My advice right now to everyone is just wait until we hear something from Tyler Lydon himself because we were reminded on Tuesday why everyone hates sports agents.