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Syracuse Orange vs. Ole Miss/Iowa State/Johns Hopkins/Harvard Mega-Thread


Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

Syracuse Orange athletics has four big games today. And since you're probably hungover from St. Patrick's Day, you didn't have any plans for this afternoon anyway, so we figured why not have one mega-thread for all three. A breakdown of what your day looks like:

11 a.m. ET: Syracuse men's basketball vs. Ole Miss (ESPN)

Syracuse (19-14, 10-8) plays host to the Ole Miss Rebels (21-13, 10-8) in the second round of the NIT, with a spot in the "Elite 8" on the line. The Orange looked impressive on offense against UNC-Greensboro on Wednesday night, but the same could be said of Ole Miss when they beat Monmouth on Tuesday. Expect a heavy dose of Sebastian Saiz in the paint as the Rebels try to exploit a size advantage inside. Some other reading for you below.

1:30 p.m. ET: Syracuse women's basketball vs. Iowa State (ESPN2)

The Orange women (21-10, 11-5) never should've been seeded eighth, but here they are. In theory, this is a bit of a mismatch, as SU was ranked most of the season and had an RPI of 31, while ISU's RPI is in the 60s and they've barely touched the polls throughout the season. As discussed yesterday, the Cyclones can play well in the paint, but can also fall victim to poor shooting. Syracuse can too, so let's hope that the Orange's talent level ends up being enough.

4 p.m. ET: Syracuse men's lacrosse vs. Johns Hopkins (ESPN3)

Syracuse is 4-1 this year, with a one-goal loss to Army being the only blemish. The last two games haven't been a cakewalk, however. The Orange have grabbed one-goal wins of their own against Virginia and St. John's, plus their second win of the season (vs. Albany) was also of the one-goal variety. We'll see how long they can keep this up. It would be nice to not have to sweat it out vs. Hopkins. Read Jim's preview for far more details on the matchup as well.

7 p.m. ET: Syracuse women's lacrosse vs. Harvard (no TV)

The women are 7-2 now, after two straight one-sided losses, at Maryland and Florida, respectively. They'll try to right the ship vs. Harvard on Saturday night, playing in Winter Park, Fla. This one won't be on television at all (anywhere, somehow), but you can listen along at

Leave your comments for all of these games below in the comments, and G'ORANGE!