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We can still have a TNIAAM bracket pool without Syracuse

No, we can still do this, I swear.

NCAA Basketball: Duke at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously, the Syracuse Orange aren’t in the NCAA Tournament. But we’re sure as hell not doing an NIT bracket (though we’ll still be supporting SU while they’re playing in the National Invitational Tournament).

So we continue on with the planned TNIAAM Bracket Challenge (the Jokes & Garbage Brack-tacular), which you can now go ahead and sign up for and fill out picks for.

Just head on over to Yahoo’s NCAA Tournament Pick’em page, search the group number (26802), and then use the password (disloyalidiot). One request: just please use your SB Nation screen name as the name of your picks — makes it easier to decipher whose is whose when we’re writing up recaps.

That’s it. We’ll provide updates as we go.

And if you’d like to print out a bracket (to remind yourself of what we’re missing), you can grab this one below (and linked to here).