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TNIAAM chats with Seth Greenberg on Syracuse’s NCAA Tournament chances

The ESPN analyst thinks Syracuse is in... for now.

NCAA Basketball: Kentucky at Florida Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

As part of TNIAAM’s partnership with New York Life and the ACC Tournament this week, we got the opportunity to speak with ESPN analyst (and former coach) Seth Greenberg. He joined us for a few minutes on the BGAL Live set to chat about the Syracuse Orange’s NCAA Tournament chances, Jim Boeheim, the zone and more.

We’ve included the full video below, but to answer the question that’s lingering on everyone’s minds: Yes, he thinks Syracuse is in the NCAAs right now. They’re in the First Four, but he does think SU’s done enough to make it. However, there are caveats:

  • Non-conference schedule (strength’s pretty poor, as we’ve discussed)
  • Lack of quality road wins (glaring)
  • The rest of the bubble could mess that up

Ari already told you the teams we were/are rooting against, but that list is bound to change as the week progresses. TCU’s sort of thrown a wrench into things too today. Curse you, Frogs...

Again, full Greenberg interview below. Thanks again to Coach for his thoughts and praise for the Orange basketball program.