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Check out this awesome Otto National Championship bobblehead


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The Syracuse Orange basketball season has been thrilling and frustrating and terrifying. As a result, you or your favorite Orange fan may have alienated yourself from friends and family over screaming fits and excessive drinking around each game.

Now, there’s a way for you to not watch games alone... while still probably watching games alone.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame presents their new Otto National Championship bobblehead.

So now, when you’re yelling at a television by yourself, Otto’s lack of judgement will be joining you in this exercise. He doesn’t eat much, he’s pretty quiet, and won’t run up a bar tab. He also doesn’t yell things about Syracuse switching to man-to-man. Otto’s the ideal game buddy, and a needed addition to your Orange watch crew before the ACC Tournament and (potentially) NCAAs get started.

The National Bobblehead Hall of Fame’s created other mascot-based figures too, but this is the one you REALLY care about. I mean, YOU don’t want a UConn or Kansas or Georgetown one. But there are certainly people somewhere who’d like those items. If you know any of them (unlikely),

Once you’re done buying an Otto one, browse through the Hall of Fame’s other items too. It’s a pretty cool site, especially for those who like bobbleheads (and Otto ones, in particular).

(this is not a sponsored post -- the Hall of Fame sent me a bobblehead, but honestly, it’s just a really cool item that I’d have posted about either way)