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A critical analysis of Tyus Battle’s game-winning shot

So many things happened in such a short amount of time.

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

By now, you’ve watched Tyus Battle’s game-winning shot for the Syracuse Orange hundreds of times. If not, here’s your opportunity to rectify that:

There are multiple angles out there for the shot. So depending on which one you’re looking at, there are some very notable happenings around the image... other than Battle’s basket, of course:

Jim Boeheim’s celebration

Runs backwards, sees it through, the walk-off home run trot to finish it off. This Jim Boeheim is really feeling this winning streak, and he’s gotten 10-15 years younger in the process. We should all strive to be this Boeheim.

John Gillon takes a seat

Gillon starts the motion before the shot goes in, and hits the floor as it swishes through the net. This was a very well-timed celebration that would’ve looked much less entertaining had the shot failed to drop. Instead, we get this on loop forever.

Eric Devendorf, chief celebrator

Devo is the first non-player to get to Battle, closing at a speed none of us could imagine in our wildest dreams, even in shorts. The former Orange star pulls this off in a suit, however, defying physics. Even if his current role says he’s an assistant on the strength team, we all know why he’s really here: a sterling resume for post-game celebrations.

Everyone’s a Clemson fan at some point

She knew it was going in immediately, the surrender cobra already set before the shot fell. We’ve all been this fan before. Chances are, we will be again. Nonetheless, the next time someone brings up Clemson to you, just utilize this handy reminder of what happened on February 7, 2017.


Any other standout moments from one of the biggest shots of Syracuse’s season? Share your own below.

(H/T to @OrangeHardie, who pulled these together and always does great gif and photo editing work on Twitter)