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What the Crooked, Man-to-Man Media doesn’t want you to know

Syracuse has won five in a row and are definitely back in the NCAA conversation. Don’t fall for alternative facts.

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Don’t let the Alt-Zone movement distract you
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After a tremendous victory over the Clemson Tigers, the Syracuse Orange have now won five consecutive games to raise their record to 16-9 (8-4 in the ACC). This streak has pushed the Orange up to fourth place in the deepest conference in America. It’s a tremendous turnaround from December when Syracuse was talked about as one of the most disappointing teams.

However, since it’s February and certain man-to-man media members have to drive listeners to their radio shows, or clicks to their websites, we get the annual distortion of the facts. Sad! I mean just look at these:

Oh I guess it was nice of the ACC to let Syracuse choose their opponents this season. At least that’s what the alt-zone media wants you to fall for. Then, when Syracuse wins with a great shot, I mean it really was a tremendous shot from Tyus Battle, who is doing some really great things and getting more recognition.

Look at that example of this biased viewpoint. Something goes well for the Orange and suddenly they are accused of cheating. Where’s the uproar for the calls that went Clemson’s way?

Another distortion of facts from an alt-zoner. You don’t want to be “that guy,” but you go right to being “that guy.” Once again trying to deflect from the tremendous Syracuse win. I mean the tremendous heart of this team should be applauded not torn down by the man-to-man media with their biases

Mr. Brackets think he’s funny, yet he doesn’t think it’s funny enough to include Syracuse in his selections right now. We’ll see how he finds more ways to deny the tremendous run of basketball that we are blessed to be able to watch. There have been MILLIONS of wins in a row at this point.

Then we have Pat Forde, who stands on the side of the NCAA. How can you question the results of games we all saw with our own two eyes? I mean it’s a tremendous shame that a failing company like Yahoo would continue to publish these alternative facts.

Pat Forde believes in NCAA mis-truths, but you shouldn’t

Shame on these individuals. Don’t fall for their deceptions Orange fans. Remain vigilant and trust your own eyes. Stay in support of this tremendous group of Syracuse athletes as they work together to try and make the ACC Orange Again.