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The perfect shirt for wins that never* happened

They can’t strip you of this t-shirt.

You’ve watched anywhere from one to 1,000 victories by OUR team on the basketball court. And even if a certain governing body says you didn’t, they happened.

So as this season hits the stretch run, let our brand new t-shirt tell them how many of those wins were actually vacated.

Whether you’re in Central New York, Brooklyn, or points elsewhere this March, represent a proper win total with pride... and in the process, stick it to the folks who deny their occurrence.

While we’re a fun group around here, we’re also college sports fans, where pettiness is sort of the law of the land. So why not wear that law on your shoulders and tell everyone what you think of asterisks (and other, similar caveats).

So what are you waiting for? We have games to play, so buy a shirt now so you can represent the most accurate win total in our new, alternative fact reality.

Buy* A* Shirt*: NunesMagician “1,000” T-Shirt