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CUPCAKE! A Journey to Bowl Eligibility

Oh dear! Syracuse's Kamikaze scheduling strategy has landed us with the ignominity of having the nation's #1 Strength of Schedule heading into the 2017 football season. What better way to celebrate than through children's literature parody!

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(Ed. note: We've had an article about football scheduling every week since John's taken over TNIAAM, and the same goes for this week, too -- though for once, someone else writes it. It's also fun and whimsical instead of angry. So all of that's a positive. Enjoy this, since we can't enjoy the way the schedule's laid out)

Tired of seeing your beloved Syracuse Orange schedule neutral-and-away series with the nation's top programs? Demoralized by an annual top-five strength-of-schedule that kills bowl eligibility while lesser rivals like Boston College make (and win) a bowl game?

Well friends, pull up a comfy chair, gather the little clementines, and enjoy a family-friendly tale of friendship, cooperation, and classic SU Athletics decision-making!

The following is a parody of the truly fantastic 2010 children's book "Cupcake, A Journey to Special", written and illustrated by Charise Mericle Harper.  No cupcakes or candles were harmed during production of this story, and any similarities between the characters, low-level FBS and FCS schools and Syracuse University Athletics are purely coincidental.