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Andrew White III fails to get going as the Orange fall to Louisville

Where were you today Andrew White III?

NCAA Basketball: Syracuse at Louisville
Andrew White III failed to show up on the road against the Cardinals.
Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew White III and the Syracuse Orange failed to show up on the road against the Louisville Cardinals as the Orange got steamrolled from the start on both ends of the court. The Cardinals came out aggressive on defense as their ability to switch screens created nightmares for Syracuse.

Louisville’s bigs were able to stay in front of the Syracuse guards which caused the spacing to be disoriented and unbalanced. Syracuse’s leading scorer this year, Andrew White III, was the main victim of the Orange’s missing offense. He finished with seven points on 3-10 shooting from the field and 1-8 from deep.

White’s production has taken a dip in his last two outings, but today’s performance showcased a different version of White. The 6’7” forward managed to only have three shot attempts in the first half; three shot attempts from your leading scorer is surely a bad sign for success, and without White’s production the Orange looked lost against the physical Louisville defense.

White looked timid on offense as the length of Louisville’s defenders caused problems for not just him, but the entire Syracuse team throughout. White and Tyler Lydon on countless possessions were seen pump faking on shots that they have been taking and hitting in the past.

This team makes their name known on their three point shooting ability, but when the Orange manage to only convert on eight of their 29 three point attempts they are bound for long outings like this one. The Orange have seen success when the guards get in the lane and find open shooters, but Syracuse won’t have any luck in the first place with White as cold as he was today.

Without White as his lethal self the Orange’s offense takes a spill. His ability to space the floor and hit tough shots has given Syracuse a bail-out option when the shot clock is running out. Despite his tough-shot making ability, White needs to get himself going early with easy looks at the basket, not just chucking up garbage as the clock winds down.

The Orange have one more chance to prove to the nation why they belong in the Big Dance, but without a productive Andrew White III Syracuse will be packing their bags early. White has done too much for Syracuse this year to finish his career with poor outings like this.

The clock is nearing its final hour Mr. White, it’s time to lock in and leave everything you have on the floor—it’s your only choice.