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Interested in some Syracuse football & Ernie Davis items up for auction?

If you can afford it, these are actually pretty cool items to own.

Every once in a while, some cool Syracuse Orange paraphernalia comes across the auction block. Like last September, when we missed out on buying a 1959 Syracuse football national championship ring as a group.

Well this year, there are some other cool SU items up for for sale, for those with cash lying around (not this guy...).

Over at Lelands, the winter auction is going on through March 17, and there are (among other things) some Syracuse football pieces that are worth taking a look at. For starters, there’s a game-worn Ernie Davis jersey from 1960-61 (so the year before he won the Heisman) that’s already pulling over $6,000. Not a whole lot of orange in that jersey. Who are we going to blame for that?

There’s also a signed game ball from 1959 -- THE NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP SEASON. The Orangemen beat Pittsburgh 35-0 that year. It was the last time they’d ever beat Pitt (not seriously, but it sure feels like it since goddammit Syracuse has only beaten them once since 2005 and now I’m depressed). It’s far more affordable than the jersey, at “just” $1,500.

Also, apparently instead of dope schwag bags (yes, that’s what the word actually is, not “swag bags” -- stop being a goon and saying it wrong), they used to give out charm bracelets and watches (like these) at bowl games.

If I were filthy rich, I’d probably just buy these all myself and rescue them from some woe-begotten fate somewhere in a man cave over in Buffalo or Troy or Rochester or Syracuse or... stop me whenever you feel like it. But maybe they’ll go to a good home owned by one of our readers.

Or perhaps an alumnus, or Syracuse University itself has an interest in purchasing these items and getting them to their proper place (the school)?

As you may recall, the championship ring went for a “mere” $3,446 and change (far less than what the jersey is going for as we speak).

It would be cool if these items ended up back at SU. However, in the end, an auction’s there to make the seller a significant amount of money, and not to become a piece of a legacy and a shrine at a university. BUT IF THEY DID, we have until March 17 (at 9 p.m. ET) to make that happen.