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Which Syracuse alums should welcome the next wave of recruits?

Syracuse football used an innovative approach to NSD announcements, but why stop there?

Space Shuttle Returns To Orbit After Two-Year Hiatus
Eileen Collins knows Orange is the best color in the galaxy
Photo by Mark Wilson/Getty Images

National Signing Day has come and gone, but I wanted to talk about the great idea that the Syracuse Orange used to announce their newest signings. The program produced video introductions from prominent alumni to introduce each player in the recruiting class. Below are a couple of examples (you can see them at all at @commit2cuse)

In addition to football alums, the Orange also had some non-athlete alumni like Allie Curtis participate, so that got me to thinking. Who are some other notable alums who could be used to welcome recruits for any Syracuse team? There are so many to choose from, so I’ll start it off and let you continue in the comments.

First up, is Lt. Col. Eileen Collins because who better to announce the latest softball power hitter to commit to the Orange to “launch balls into orbit”.

Steve Kroft is the alum for when you add a player who’s going to be a two-midfielder for lacrosse, someone who will go the full “60 Minutes.”

61st Annual Drama Desk Awards Nominations Announcement
Vanessa knows that of all the colors of the wind, orange is the best
Photo by Slaven Vlasic/Getty Images

Adding a new hockey goalie who saves the best for last, Vanessa Williams has the right stuff for that intro.

Syracuse just added a soccer player who excels on The West Wing, look no further than Aaron Sorkin. Bonus points if that new recruit is heading into a Newhouse major

I know that many don’t really understand cross-country, and that’s why I’d have Tom Everett Scott congratulate the next Orange harriers on making it to Syracuse to do That Thing You Do.

And of course, there’s an Orange alum who has some extra time on his hands these days and who would be there in a flash if you need him, someone who could introduce any new athlete with style and flair, the one and only Gentleman Joe Biden

United States Vice President Joe Biden Visits Australia
Joe Biden wants you in Orange
Photo by Jessica Hromas - Pool/Getty Images

Now, it’s your turn, which ‘Cuse alums would you want to see making the next signing announcement videos? Let us know in the comments.