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ACC Tournament seating chart leaked; Syracuse sitting (somewhere) near basket

Seriously, can someone tell us which is which?

NCAA Womens Basketball: ACC Conference Tournament - Florida State vs Notre Dame Jim Dedmon-USA TODAY Sports

Late on Thursday, February 16, (North Carolina) SportsChannel8’s Ben Swain reported that the seating chart has been finalized for the 2017 ACC Men’s Basketball Tournament.


As you’ll notice above, the Syracuse Orange are sitting... somewhere near the basket. SU and Virginia are both noted as “orange/red” and I honestly can’t tell which is which.

Unsure how this helps any soul on earth, never mind the fans that need to figure this all out, but here’s your seating chart. If only we could be a color like yellow (Wake Forest) or royal blue (Clemson?). That way, we’d actually be able to tell the two sections apart. I’m honestly dumbfounded as to which is Syracuse’s section.

In any case, SU students are pretty familiar with sitting near/behind the basket, so this shouldn’t prove as much of a change. For non-students, you’ll probably be alright moving a little bit for a game or two (or more?). In any case we’ll be near Pitt, which... “yay.”

This year’s ACC Tournament tips off at Brooklyn’s Barclays Center on March 7 and wraps up on March 11, 2017. I’ll *tentatively* be in town, so looking forward to sharing a beer or several with those TNIAAM community members who happen to be around cheering for the Orange.