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Syracuse Orange (13-9) vs. NC State Wolfpack (14-8) GameThread

Surprise! There's a basketball game today.

Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

With all of the National Signing Day things going on for Wednesday, it's understandable that basketball may have taken a backseat in your mind. And yet, there's still a game at 7 p.m. ET. The Syracuse Orange (13-9, 5-4) take on the NC State Wolfpack (14.8, 3-6) at PNC Arena.

NC State's coming off a big loss to Louisville, while Syracuse has won two straight, including a major upset over Florida State. The Wolfpack are no strangers to upsets either this year, however. They knocked off Duke at Cameron Indoor recently. So yeah, this isn't going to be simple.

Before everything gets under way on ESPN2 this evening, you may want to do some reading about what we're up against:

Leave your pre-, in- and post-game comments below. G'ORANGE!