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National Signing Day: Ranking Dino Babers’s Syracuse welcome tweets

Dino brought his A-game once again.

(update: now includes ranking for tweet around late add MyKelti Williams)

Last year during National Signing Day, we were introduced to one of the best parts of Dino Babers’s personality. His entertaining tweet captions for every new Syracuse Orange football players were a highlight, just as much as the influx of new talent.

He was at it again this year, adding several new gems to the collection.

Ari and I tried our hands at guessing what references Dino would go with in our individual signee profiles. While we didn’t get any right, hopefully we provided some future nickname ideas.

1. Tyrell Richards

If you’re reading this it’s too late, you can’t sign this baller from The 6

This staff loves them some Drake references, and this one is clever for a multiple reasons (gets in nods to two of the most meme-worthy recent hip-hop albums, IYRTITL and Views). Expertly executed.

2. Zach Morton

This new addition is from Motown, but he will have OTs and QBs singing the blues

Subtle, references Detroit and follows through for the reference to come all the way around.

3. Dakota Davis

Crab Cakes and Pancakes, this Maryland O Lineman is big time!

The first of two well-executed references to pancakes, this one gets a Wedding Crashers nod in there too. Feel free to discuss pancakes whenever, Dino.

4. Patrick Davis

More pancakes for breakfast! This time with MAPLE syrup!

HE’S FROM CANADA! So of course he’d want maple syrup on his pancakes. He’s also an offensive lineman, so... pancakes.

5. Ifeatu Melifonwu

No Iffy, ands, or buts, this New England star is coming to Cuse!

A likely reference to both his name AND the fact that Michigan tried to swoop in late. Clever.

6. Jonathan Kingsley

The KING(sley) of the North!

Last name: Check. Television/Movie reference (Game of Thrones): Check. This is the blueprint for Babers’s best work with these.

7. Markenzy Pierre

This guy is going to be making a lot of trips to the MarkenZONE!

Punny and pulls in an actual football term (end zone). I think the corniness of this one is probably what makes it so enjoyable.

8. Aaron Hackett

Just added the Menace from Venice to the family

Easy, accurate (he’s from Venice) and it rhymes.

9. Russell Thompson-Bishop

Cuse just landed the archBISHOP! RTB!

Would’ve paid for a Young Pope reference, but this is still a nice nod to bishop-related things.

10. Chris Elmore

From Chi Town to Sy Town! Cuse Nation, welcome him to the family!

Doubt anyone’s ever called Syracuse “Sy Town,” but that’s fine. It’s the thought that counts and the Chi Town tie-in works.

11. Kadeem Trotter

Kadeem the Dream is a part of the team!

Rhyming works, and Babers triples down here.

12. MyKelti Williams

Last but not least, we finish the class with this beast!

He almost doesn’t get the rhyme in, but nice work by Dino on the late add (though assuming he had this one ready to go well in advance).

13. Nadarius Fagan

This backer from the beach is already up at Cuse! Big things coming from him!

“Backer from the beach” has a nice flow to it. Even if Fagan doesn’t live AT the beach in the Miami area, it’s still reasonably accurate.

14. Tommy DeVito

Can’t wait for this Gunslinger from Don Bosco to be dropping dimes in the dome!

“Dropping Dimes” now only evokes images of that stupid Kevin Love commercial, which makes me laugh, so all positive. “Gunsliger” evokes Brett Favre, which isn’t a bad thing either.

15. Nykeim Johnson

This burner is coming in from the nation’s capital! From the White House to the Loud House

(DESPERATELY fights back from making any further commentary about the White House...)

16. Brandon Berry

This dog is coming in to Cuse ready to hunt!

I would’ve gone with something about “Berry-ing” ball carriers or quarterbacks. But this is fine.

17. Sharod Johnson

This blazer is coming up from the 305! He lives the Orange Is the New Fast life!

I would very much like to know more about this “Orange is the New Fast” life. How do I subscribe? Is it an app?

18. Ravian Pierce

Really see this one making an immediate Impact, PIERCING defenses across the ACC!

Dino gets a few punny football references in, including this one. I’ll take it.

19. Allen Stirzinger

From the 313 to the 315

Accurate, and convenient that the area codes are so close together.

20. Eric Coley

This New Yorker is pretty familiar with #LaFamilia, and we are excited to get him on board!

I would’ve let Vinson Reynolds get a dad joke in somewhere for this one.

21. Curtis Harper

They make them tough in PA, and this DT is no exception.

“Harp-ooning offensive lines?” I feel like there’s more to do here.

22. Cameron Jordan

Its always great to get homegrown talent! New York’s college team gets a stud from Long Island

Just facts. And a missed “Strong Island” reference.

23. Ryan Guthrie

First up is an All-American LB out of Ellsworth CC!

No jokes for Ryan. Alas. The Falconer (he’s from Georgia) could’ve been a winner.


Which Dino-isms were your favortes?