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National Signing Day: LB Tyrell Richards signs with Syracuse


NCAA Football: North Carolina State at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange football program’s class of 2017 is finally signing on the dotted line. National Signing Day will welcome plenty of new players to the SU family, and we’re providing profiles for each and every commitment at TNIAAM. The latest signee is one of several additions from Canada this cycle, linebacker Tyrell Richards.

Twitterfeed: @RichardsTyrell

Hometown: Brampton, Ont.

High School: Central Peel High School

Position: Linebacker

Stats: 6'3", 218 pounds

Commitment Date: June 18, 2016

Ratings: Three stars from ESPN and Scout, two stars from Rivals and no rating from 247Sports. What gives, 247?

Other Offers: None on record. Rude.

Dino’s Projected Nickname: “The Bad Man From Brampton”


Player Breakdown: Richards comes in as the type of linebacker Babers will most likely be looking for going forward. Taller (than we had), but slimmer -- could play safety in a lot of systems. The key, obviously, is speed, plus an ability to cover in space. While the team’s current linebackers did an admirable job of adjusting to the Tampa-2 and finding ways to make their skillset work for what was needed, they are predominantly pass-rushers.

The linebacker transition on this team is a two-year process, which sets up Richards and others to potentially redshirt while the depth chart turns over. That only takes a year, and then much of the experience at SU is gone. That gives plenty of opportunities to existing players in 2018, but also to guys like Richards, who probably fit the mold of what this scheme needs a bit better. in the meantime, he’s someone to watch out for during camp this summer.