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Video: 8 recent times UConn was bad and Syracuse was good

Of course this is an everyday occurrence, but here are the most notable recent days it was true.

NCAA Basketball: Maryland at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

When tossing up our initial preview of the Syracuse Orange vs. UConn Huskies game on Monday, some were disturbed by the use of an SU/UConn highlight video created by UConn. As I explained, Syracuse never made one, so that was all I had to work with on YouTube... until now!

With the power of the SB Nation video tool (courtesy of cuppy cup), we’ve created our own highlight video of the recent moments you’ll want to remember in this rivalry. Some of those include: the time Syracuse beat UConn. Also, the other time Syracuse beat UConn. That time Syracuse beat UConn. And OH MAN, remember that time Syracuse beat UConn?

Enjoy the proceedings below, as you reminisce about all those times Syracuse beat UConn.