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Former Syracuse forward Kris Joseph joins TNIAAM for Q&A

We snagged Kris yesterday during halftime for questions and he obliged.

Indiana State v Syracuse Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

In case you missed it, former Syracuse forward Kris Joseph was at last night’s game again Eastern Michigan. It was his first time back at the Dome since his playing days. I was also in attendance last night so I grabbed Kris at the half for a quick Q and A. Read more on that below.

James Szuba: So this is your first time back in the Dome is that right?

Kris Joseph: Correct. First time back in the Dome since my last game against Louisville.

JS: How’s it feel to be back?

KJ: Great man, it brings back a lot of good feelings, walking into the building, going into the locker room and all that stuff.

JS: Now you’re playing professionally, how’s that going?

KJ: It’s good. I was most recently in France. I parted ways with my teams so now I’m just waiting to go somewhere else. I can go anywhere from here in January. It’s been good you know it’s had its ups and downs playing overseas, thing like that but overall it’s been good. It’s been a good experience for me and my family and I’m playing some good basketball.

JS: Now when you’re playing overseas are you able to keep in touch with guys from the program and watch current games.

KJ: Of course of course. Smart phones keep you with that. I’m always checking to see games won, lost whatever the case may be and I’m always tuned into the games when I get a chance. You know the time difference is crazy, six hours ahead. But whenever I do get a chance I definitely lock in and tune in.

JS: From your playing days is there anyone you keep in touch with?

KJ: Yeah for sure. Mostly all the guys I played with I keep in touch with. Besides a few couple guys but even guys who were here for a year and transferred out perhaps, I keep in touch with everybody. I had great relationships with everybody on my team. That’s why they say you make friends for a lifetime here. It’s the truth.

JS: Lastly, do you have a favorite player on this year’s team? Maybe Oshae Brissett?

KJ: On this year’s team? Yeah man, I like Tyus but you know Oshae is from Canada right so I like him. I like his game.


Thanks, Kris and best of luck in your professional career.

What do you think? Good to see former Syracuse guys come back? Miss watching KrisJo? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.