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Early signing period recap: Qadir White leads strong Syracuse offensive recruits

Three commits from the early part of the day didn’t sign, but it’s still a great group.

NCAA Football: Louisville at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange added 15 players to the football program during this year’s early signing period, with nine of those coming on the offensive side. While SU still has more spots to fill between now and February (actual National Signing Day), here’s a quick rundown of who’s new on offense:

Qadir White, OT

The Bronx product is a massive body right out of the gate — and he’s poised to be able to jump in right away if need be. You want the redshirt year for linemen if you can get it. But given the fact that SU’s replacing a starting tackle, White (a four-star by some metrics) is the type of player that could fill that role in both the short- and long-term.

Edward Hendrix, WR

The four-star could potentially be the next Steve Ishmael -- with good hands and size, with some additional quickness on the outside. What SU lacked most in this year’s passing game was a consistent deep threat. Hendrix could be in the mix (along with a few existing players) to take on that role in 2018.

Taj Harris, WR

Harris has the type of quickness Syracuse wants to plug in at the slot receiver position. And since the Orange replace their top two wideouts from 2017, there’s a lot of opportunity for the team’s youth to battle it out come the spring and summer. Harris will have his hands full against players who’ve been in the offense for a couple years already. That won’t stop Dino Babers from giving him a shot, though (and worst-case, he takes the redshirt and contributes in 2019).

Chance Amie, QB

Amie was a late flip from Houston, coming back around to Syracuse after picking the Cougars back in June. He has a big arm and some great mobility -- but a lot of his opportunities will be dictated by what happens with Tommy DeVito. The soon-to-be redshirt freshman will actually be on the depth chart next year, and is a bad hit on Eric Dungey away from starting. If the pocket-passer ends up entrenched in the job, Amie could be sitting awhile.

Gabe Horan, TE

We’d mentioned this a few times before, but Horan could end up being slotted in at offensive tackle. He’s over 260 pounds, which could make him a lethal weapon in the passing game. But the line may become a more pressing need. A redshirt seems likely for the local product this year to let that question sort itself out.

Anthony Queeley, WR

Queeley’s another bigger receiver who’s going to help fill the void along the sideline. It just might take a year or two. SU’s wheelhouse for outside wideouts seem to be around 6-foot-3, 195 pounds, and Queeley certainly qualifies. He’ll be another name to watch as next year’s passing game starts to sort itself out.

Willem Froumy, OT

Froumy’s a bit unsung, with only one other notable offer (from UMass). But the New Hampshire tackle is yet another smart addition to the growing depth along the line. He’ll most certainly get the redshirt year and then compete for snaps in 2019 depending on how the rest of the depth chart settles.

Carlos Vettorello, OG

As the early part of 2017 showed, being shaky at guard can really hurt this offense’s ability to run the ball. Vettorello has long-term potential to start there once Aaron Roberts’s career wraps up. He had a ton of Power Five offers too, showing how similar teams (in similar offenses, like Oregon’s) saw the ability for him down the road as well.

Cooper Lutz, WR

Lutz is smaller, but weight-wise isn’t your average slot receiver like many others the Orange have brought in lately. With the turnover at wideout and questions about who’s playing slot, there’s a chance he could be entertained there. More likely he’s a redshirt before jumping in for 2019.