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Early signing period: Ranking Dino Babers’s Syracuse football welcome tweets

Coach was up to the task today.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Gregory Fisher-USA TODAY Sports

As has been the case for the last two years, Syracuse Orange football coach Dino Babers welcomes new recruits to the program with witty tweets. Since Dino’s a fun guy, this usually goes pretty well -- while also appearing tailor-made for our end of the Syracuse internet.

We’ve even taken to guessing what he’ll say about each player -- a practice that had zero victories heading into today’s early signing period, but now has three victories on the board. One more of those and we’re a four-star recruit, y’know.

Below, we ranked each of Babers’s 15 welcome tweets, from most entertaining to least entertaining. #Dadjokes are always appreciated for this endeavor, though aren’t the only way to score highly.

1. Cooper Lutz

Can’t wait to be “Hangin with Mr. Cooper” at the Loud House!

Dino drops a deep(er) cut, with a reference to sort of beloved 1990s sitcom “Hangin’ With Mr. Cooper.” I’m very mad for not thinking of this in advance. And now I want to watch the show, which profiles a fictional former basketball player (Mark Cooper) turned teacher.

2. Andre Cisco

No one in Cuse Forgot About Dre! An NY native that is coming Straight Outta IMG!

Now, the Sisqo reference is right there for the taking, but Dino calls an audible for a more family-friendly image and goes with “Forgot About Dre” instead. Not that the Eminem/Dr. Dre single is really any more or less family friendly than Sisqo’s “Thong Song,” but at least you can reference one a little more comfortably in conversations about high school seniors.

3. Taj Harris

You might be calling the Dome, the TAJ Mahal when this Jersey Boy’s career in Orange is over

Just clever enough and a play on something everyone’s well aware of, the Taj Mahal. This is what you want in a Dino welcome tweet.

4. Qadir White

Attention New York City! We are temporarily removing one of your skyscrapers and placing it in the Carrier Dome for the next 4 years

This one utilizes Dino’s role as carnival barker to let NYC know we got one of theirs. Obviously you can’t move a skyscraper, but is anyone really going to stop Babers from trying do so anyway? Bill de Blasio would probably just let him take it.

5. Juan Wallace

Can’t wait to see this Juan leading our defense for years to come!

You’d be forgiven for missing this joke on the first pass, subbing in “Juan” for one. Its subtlety is its greatest attribute, however.

6. Atrilleon “Trill” Williams

Mr. Williams is in the building, swagger on a hundred thousand aTRILLeon!

While pre-writing Trill’s signing day post, I considered this option but thought the quote from Lil’ Wayne’s verse on T.I.’s 2008 hit “Swagga Like Us” (peak party song of my college experience). But I felt it might have been a bit past Dino’s time listening to hip hop. Ends up I was very wrong.

7. Edward Hendrix

Mr. Hendrix is going to leave an Orange Haze, all in #CuseNation’s brain for the next 4 years!

More music references for Babers! This time, the obvious reference Jimi Hendrix (“Purple Haze”) is the pick. I’m about it.

8. Cameron Jonas

Just call this guy Air Traffic Control. All flights will be grounded in the Carrier Dome.

By all accounts, Jonas could be the sort of big-play defensive back we’re looking for, and this Air Traffic Control characterization is a good one that the school’s been leaning into with Jonas during his recruitment. Of course we wouldn’t fly planes in the Dome. That’s dangerous.

9. Carlos Vettorello

Our offense will be hitting maximum horse power with this Clydesdale from the Motor City leading the way!

Sticks the landing on a bunch of Detroit references (Motor City, horsepower) while tying THAT into horses -- big animals that you could potentially compare to a lineman. This worked.

10. Chance Amie

Ready. AMIE. Fire! We like our Chance in the ACC with this East Texas Gun Slinger under Center

I really wanted the Chance the Rapper reference, but this is low-hanging fruit that works. Much more focused on the Amie/aim and fire stuff than the Gunslinger reference.

11. Anthony Queeley

This WR from Orlando is going to make the Carrier Dome the most magical place on Earth!

Disney reference. Feel like we could’ve gone much further with this.

12. Lakiem Williams

They call him Lakiem the Dream, but he’s every QB’s nightmare!

Lakiem calls himself a “QB’s nightmare” so not much creativity to be had there.

13. Tre Allison

Don’t mess with Texas! Just landed an All-Star from the Lone Star state!

These are things people say about Texas.

14. Willem Froumy

One of the smallest states in the US produced one of our BIGGEST signees.

Facts are good, as is a comparison of small vs. large. BUT Dino’s a movie buff and zero Willem Dafoe references? I’d have even accepted the Green Goblin.

15. Gabe Horan

Central NY’s own is staying home.

Obvious statements are obvious.


Which Dino-isms were your favortes?