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What are we drinking this Syracuse basketball season?

A curated list based on what we drank this football season.

Oktoberfest 2017 Photo by Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

People drink during college basketball season just like they do during college football season (even if it’s less). So it would make sense that we talk about beer during Syracuse Orange hoops season as well.

Now, the game dates aren’t as locked in weekly as football is, so there’s no set “tailgate” or anything like that. But there are still ample opportunities to imbibe.

Rather than look at things each week, I figured why not use this weekend’s big game against Kansas to just provide a quick guide to what we should be drinking this season. It’s entirely based on what we were drinking during football season. If Lawrence, Kan. had a beer scene, we’d add them below. But sadly, they do not.

What to drink from Syracuse (and points nearby)...

What to drink from around the ACC (and other spots based on our football opponents)

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What I’m drinking in L.A...


So what are you drinking? Share your own beer picks for the season below as you look back on what we drank for three months of football.