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Would you sign up for 10 straight years of Syracuse football going 7-5?

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Seems silly, until you realize that not many teams have that sort of success for a decade.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

The Syracuse Orange football team just wrapped up its third straight 4-8 season. They’ve gone 7-5 or better just twice since 2002. We’ve been desperate for a winner on the field, and it’s largely alluded us. That can be frustrating.

But what if there was a way we could just park ourselves at 7-5 for a 10-year stretch? There are no guarantees about which seven games would be wins, or what would happen in the bowl games. But what if we could willingly sign up for a finish one game above .500 for a full decade straight?

The concept sounds slightly ridiculous, and obviously, it’s unrealistic. But it comes from a similar query posed to Kentucky fans on Sunday night:

When I first saw the question, I immediately said yes for Syracuse. Again, given the way the last 15 years have gone, 10 straight 7-5 seasons would multiply our bowl bids and stature in the college football landscape by quite a bit.

But would we get tired of middling success? Most fan bases do, and that’s why they move on from coaches that bring them to consistency previously unseen. They want to progress. We want to progress, too. That’s why we see 4-8 again and it’s hard to see tangible progress, even if we know it was there for much of the Syracuse football season.

Thing is, though, 7-5 for 10 straight years would put you in elite company around college football. Even if the bowl games weren’t amazing, they are bowl games. The 70 wins (and as many as 80 with bowl wins) over a seven-year stretch would put any program among the top 20-25 or so for the time period.

NCAA Football: Clemson at Syracuse Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Obviously consistency isn’t the entirety of your grade. And everyone (fans, media, recruits) wants you to eventually get better. Schools like Florida, Texas, Florida State, Clemson, Notre Dame and more have all finished below 7-5 in the last decade or so. Yet, they’re all considered to be on better footing than we are -- or would be even with 10 straight 7-5 finishes.

Look at schools that seem to regularly inhabit the 7-5 range, and see how frustrated their fans appear. NC State’s a prime example, and even schools like Arizona, Arizona State, UCLA and others have made moves to correct such a stasis.

Still, all of these schools have state dollars and larger resources than Syracuse has access to. Boston College, a peer program, appears stuck in this 7-5ish range and that (for now) looks fine for them. Maybe it won’t be fine in a few more years. But for us, this seems like a preferable outcome.

This isn’t to say that Dino Babers will be unable get past that mark. But progress isn’t continuous. And just because you hit 7-5 for a few years, it doesn’t mean you just stay there or increase. For many schools, there are more bumps in the road. And for ones like Syracuse, you sort of just stay there, given the current college football environment.

I’m not claiming 7-5 is the ceiling for Syracuse forever. But it wouldn’t be a bad place to be for a decade while we get back on our feet. The extra practices, bowl exposure and all of that are worth some seasons where we already know the basic outcome. And after the last 10 years and change we’ve sat through, I’d personally welcome it.

How about you, though? Am I just talking myself into it because we’ve sat in place for so long? Or is this a more realistic view of what we could expect? Weigh in with your own views on this not-at-all-real issue below.